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Pes 21 Mobile Patch FAQ
Could Pes Patch Ban?

Is pes patch safe?
This is very important topic. So I recommend you to read all questions serial wise to understand clearly.

Is pes mobile patch safe?
What is a Patch?

Patch is a edited customised game file, replaced by original one.

How Pes 21 Mobile patch is made ?

Well, You know Pes 21 Mobile is a big game around 1.5 gb of size. There is an apk file with 34 mb and around 1.4 gb of data file separated by two obb files. So generally whole game files include menu, teams, logos, kits etc are stored the 2nd obb file(1.20 gb). So by extracting this file and customising those, we make a patch obb file. Now you just have to replace it with original one.

Do you need to root your phone to use patch ?

No, you don’t need to root. But if your your phone is rooted, you will get a little advantage, that is, instead of downloading 1.20 gb patch obb, you can download a little patch file within 100 mb to use. As most of us not rooted, currently not sharing anything about it.

Will my game profile data will be reset and starts from new after installing a Patch ?

Good question! Read carefully. If you read my previous answers, you knew that after installing Pes 21 Mobile, there will have a apk file with 34 mb and game files as 2 obb files in your Android/obb/jp.konami.pesam folder. But when you open the game and register your profile, you stored some data in your internal storage and Konami server. This profile data doesnot stored into those obb files or apk. They stored in Android/data/jp.konami.pesam folder. You don’t have permission to view your game profile data there but they exist. Obb files are raw game files. So if you replace the obb file with patch obb, it doesnot impact your profile data. It remains same until you delete the profile data or uninstall the game.

Will I get game update, when I am using a patch ?

Yes, definitely. Patch is just a overlay of original kits. It’s a offline file. The game runs totally on server. So you will get all updates.

Will I have to download patch again after updating my game ?

After updating the game, it’s version gets changed, konami may add new things into your obb files with that update and the patch Obb gets replaced by the original one again. So you must have to download a new patch for the new version, and install it in same way. To get new patch update, make sure you have followed this website, PLM facebook page and youtube channel.

Is Pes Mobile Patch safe ?

If you heard somewhere that patch is not safe, Konami bans accounts by using the patch, then it’s just panic. The patch is 99.9% safe. Why not 100? Because Konami wrote in their terms & condition that the game files should not be edited. But they don’t care about it. Because they want to promote their game for business purposes and more users will enjoy playing the game, more Konami will succeed.
As you know Konami has to pay money to their licenced partner clubs. But actually, they want to get all teams licenced. But it’s not possible, you know why. So if any third party makes any customisation in their game, Konami will not be the culprit. They are on the safe side, as they did not do it officially. If you play Pes 20 console/pc version and use patch there, you may know some of those patches made by Konami staff itself and shares it by hiding themselves.
The funniest thing is, in the Mobile version, Konami cannot detect patches by the server. If you are using any customised kits in the patch, it’s not visible to the opponent in an online match if he uses the original game. You can only see that customised kit because the patch is just an overlay and that team kits and logo is customised over another original team. So the server detects the original one. But you are seeing a difference as your game file is edited in your internal storage.
There is no report of ban till now for the past 3 years since Pes 17 patch was released. If someone’s account got banned, that’s for another reason for sure. There is no proof or email for banning an account with a patch.
So that’s all of your queries about the patch. If you have more questions about it, don’t hesitate to ask in the comment below. I will definitely update. Make sure you are following this blog by email. You will find a subscription tab below and don’t forget to follow on Facebook as well. Thank you.

So that’s all of your queries about the patch. If you have more questions about it, don’t hesitate to ask in the comment below. I will definitely update. Make sure you are following this by registering a profile. Thank you.

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