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PES MOBILE SKILL TUTORIAL - Pes Mobile tricks, Tips - September 11, 2021

Gk run tutorial in efootball Pes Mobile





If the ball is on the other side of the field around the other 18, the keeper should be at least at the top of their 18 yard box. If the keeper moves along with the play he or she is closer to the action in the event that instructions need to be shouted to defenders on marking responsibilities; to clear a ball played into space behind the defense; or offer themselves as a pass back option.ย  When the play is on the other end of the field this is not the time to turn off and out. The keeper has to stay focused in the event of a long clearing attempt.ย  It is important to stay loose, shake out the hands and arms, and focus on the game.ย  This is the time to organize marks and defensive shape in the event the ball is turned over; better yet send players into support.ย  Sometimes it is as simple as communicating and shifting the weak side center midfielder to offer more support or be in position for counter attack through the midfield.

Ball Handling

As a goalkeeper, you are allowed to handle the ball with your hands within your penalty area. You can catch any ball that is shot, headed or passed by the opposing team within this area. You also can handle the ball after it has touched one of your teammates, as long as the ball was not deliberately passed to you. In some cases, it is unclear if the ball is passed, at which point the referee makes a judgment call. If a teammate passes the ball, you must dribble the ball first and gain control. Only thereafter can you pick up the ball. You may not handle a ball from a teammate’s throw-in; but a ball that is headed to you by a teammate can be handled. You can distribute the ball back into play after gaining control of it by throwing or kicking it. If you throw the ball and it remains in the penalty area, you cannot handle the ball again. You have six seconds to distribute the ball from the moment you gain control. If you deliberately take more time, you may receive a verbal warning from the referee and a yellow card caution on subsequent infractions.

Positions guide of a Goalkeeper

You need agility and bravery to be a keeper. And you are allowed to handle the ball, but only in the penalty box. It can get lonely between the sticks. You need to be always ready and alert for that crucial save – especially if you have not had much to do during the game. Now that goalkeepers can no longer pick up backpasses, there is more emphasis on the control and kicking skills of a keeper.