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PES MOBILE SKILL TUTORIAL - September 11, 2021

Fake shot tutorial in efootball Pes Mobile




What’s fake shot in football?

An absolute staple of your skills collection has to be the dummy (also referred to as a ‘feint’ or a ‘fake’). By feinting to play a pass or shot you’ll throw your opponents the wrong way and give yourself time and space to work your magic.

It’s fairly fairly easy to pick up, but needs practice to know when to use it and make it really convincing. Once you’ve got it nailed, however, it is likely to become a favourite and you should be able to do it at least once a game, making it a must-have-move.

When to use it?

In a 1-on-1 with the goalkeeper, use the fake shot and bring the ball to the side. The goalkeeper will commit and falls to the ground, presenting you with an empty net to tap into. This is very useful when you are using a striker with average shooting attributes. A scoring chance is hard to come by, and the fake shot technique increases your chances of scoring.

The fake shot technique can also be used on the wing. Crosses are more accurate when you do not have a defender standing in front of you or near you. The fake shot technique commits him to the ground, leaving you time and space to cross an accurate ball into the box. This technique has not changed much over the years, and it is still effective in PES.

What is the technique of fake shot in football?

There was a guy that I used to play with in a league a while ago who had an absolutely outrageous technique but used it superbly; sometimes several times each game. He’d get the ball in a defensive position, look up, lift his leg back in a slightly exaggerated style and shape to play a long ball down the line into the corner; but just as he made contact he’d  instead bring it across his body and instead cut inside.

We always thought he was going to get caught out but he performed it so well and had supreme confidence in it, and that might just have been the secret to what made it so damn convincing, which brings us to the fundamentals of any good feinting technique:

  1. Accelerate away – no matter how convincing your feint is, you’re only going to fool them for a split second so when your opponent has bought it you’re going to need to accelerate away like you’ve just stolen something – make like a bandit!
  2. Do it smoothly – if the fake looks convincing then you’re most of the way there, but you still need to take the ball off in the other direction so make sure you can make the switch flawlessly. There’s no time for hanging around getting the ball stuck under your feet.
  3. You’ve got to make sure that the pass or shot that you’re faking looks as good, preferably even better, than if you were doing it for real. So if you’re faking a pass or shot to the right before zipping off to the left, that means making sure that your body shape looks like you’re going to actually play a pass or shot to the right and that your head and eyes are looking that way too. Don’t be afraid to exaggerate the fake move just a little to draw them in, but if you overdo it then it will lose its credibility.