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eFootball 22 Mobile Delayed! What now?

Konami recently dropped this bombshell notice regarding the postponement of eFootball 22 Mobile update which has shattered all of our excitement for this new season game.

eFootball 22 Mobile is now going to be released on Spring 2022 instead of 11th November 2021 that we had hoped for. Spring 2022 means March-June 2022!

eFootball Pes 22 mobile update postponement notice

Now that’s almost half a year delay, which I think is way too much.

We users knew that new game release would bring around one week maintenance delay like previous releases, but this time Konami has outplayed ourselves and presented us with almost 6-month delay (well done).

What this delay means to us, the PES 2021 Mobile users, let’s find out –

1. eFootball 22 Mobile is delayed, what next?

Now that the new season update is delayed for 6 months, I think we will now get New Datapack 8.00 update for PES 2021 Mobile which will introduce all new season transfers and database since last Datapack update was 7.00.

New events and matchdays may start after the release of this update.

And for the release for this datapack update, I think it may be on November end or December.

eFootball Pes datapack 8.00

2. What about my eFootball Points?

eFootball Points have a set of expiry date, so many of our points are going to expire this month, next month etc. Also, there are no rewards available right now in the store to be claimed so that we could spend them to get Iconic Moment cards. So, will our hard earned eFootball Points get wasted?

The answer is No.

Konami has stated in an official notice that since eFootball 22 update is delayed, they are going to extend the expiry date of our eFootball Points that are going to get expired before the update.

Konami says our eFootball Points will be available for us to use once eFootball 2022 goes live.

So, that’s one good news.

eFootball Points

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3. New Legends in the store

As a way to spend eFootball Points, Konami is going to include some Legend Cards in the store on 15th November. Though there’s no news about which set of Legends are going to get listed.

For some it’s good news, but for some it’s bad also. Because most of the users already have many legends in their account, and why would a user spend 10-15K Points on a legend card when he/she can get an Iconic Moment Card for 10K more points.

Personally, I would have liked some new Iconic Moments cards in the store.

But there’s a possibility that Iconic Moments cards may get added to the store until eFootball 22 update because the release is very far away.

Pes Legends

For now, that’s all the information I could gather regarding the postponement of eFootball 22 Mobile update. Konami is currently working on new roadmap until eFootball’s release to keep the users engaged in the meantime.

Let us wait for few more days until we get official information about what’s next for the users.

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