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Iconic moment Legends details and differences from normal legends in Pes

Efootball Pes 20 is available in all major platforms. Konami is working continuously to serve better experience to their users. They are launching new things every month to engage users with their famous game Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 (Pes 20). Mobile users are also being cared with all exiting features that console version have. Legend players are one of the key part of this game. Who does not want to play with famous legends. Currently Konami have all famous legend’s license and there are many more to come.

Recently Konami have launched a new series of Legends, calling as ICONIC Legends, which are very interesting. After data pack 5.0 launched, Konami also giving a free iconic Maradona to everyone. It is strongly noticed that these iconic legends are different in ratings and ability from normal legends. But not only these, they also differ in various way fromย  normal legends. In this article I have discussed about it clearly.


  • Normal legends are the main legends with highest abilities. Konami decided the abilities and rated them when those players were in highest form in their football career. But iconic legends are simply younger version of normal legends and Konami rated them by seeing their abilities in younger age.
  • As I said normal legends are already boosted and they are at their highest rating. Konami did not set any club for normal legends. But iconic Legends are signed with their favorite club. Hence, they are capable to get extra boost rating while playing with their respective club. Tap on legend’s card to see the club. Now chose the same club from your user profile. That’s it. That iconic legend gets boosted rating automatically by showing a green indicator in your squad. You can see the detail boosted abilities by tapping on the card. But there will be a problem if you have different iconic legends from different clubs, as you can choose only one model club at once.
  • As iconic legends are signed with their own club, there maybe problem in license. Here’s what Konami said : Iconic Moment Series players that you have signed may be rendered unusable due to league and licensing issues. If any such issues should occur during a major version update, affected Iconic Moment Series players that you own will beย replaced with other players“.ย But there will be no such issues with normal legends.

Rather than these, I did not find any major differences. Here are more about Iconic Legends.

Characteristics of ICONIC LEGENDS :

  1. The stats and rarity levels of Iconic Moment Series players are fixed, and are not subject to changes in updates or during maintenance.
  2. ย All Iconic Moment Series Players that you own can still be used after major version updates. It means, these legends are permanent in your squad.
  3. ย You can only trade players from the Iconic Moment Series if you have 3 copies of the same variation. You can not combine iconic legends with normal legends for trading.
  4. ย The stat boost applied to Iconic Moment Series players by matching your Model Team to their team is only reflected in Squad Management (including the Player Details screen). All other areas of the game will display the pre-boost stat values.
  5. The Condition Rating of Iconic Moment Series players is fixed to “B”, and is not subject to change during Live Updates.
  6. Converting a duplicate Iconic Moment Series player into a Trainer and using him to train an identical variation of the same player yields a tremendous effect. Additionally, Trainers converted from Iconic Moment Series players still produce an enhanced effect when used on different variations of the same player.
  7. Photographs displayed on Iconic Moment Series player cards are subject to change.

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