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PES Mobile Guide - Pes Mobile tricks & Tips - February 17, 2021

Complete Guide to never lose your PES Mobile Account

 Pro Evolution Soccer(PES) is Soccer simulation game by Konami. Konami launched Pes for mobile users from 2017 and it’s quite popular now. Pes 21 Mobile is the successor of PES 20 Mobile with improved gameplay and graphics.
   To avoid losing your PES Mobile Account, the most important and essential step is linking your account to one of Konami ID or Google Play Account/Apple’s Game Center. You are suggested to link your PES Mobile data to a Konami ID Account so that, you can recover your PES Account if you uninstall and reinstall PES, or your phone gets damaged/lost, you format your phone, change your phone etc.
And ensure you understand the difference between linking to Konami ID and transferring data from Konami ID. I have come across many who get confused between these two. If you are one of those who get confused between these two, you are at the right place to get information.
Never Overwrite your PES Mobile Account
This article has every information that you need to never overwrite your PES Mobile Account!
I would suggest you keep your account linked to both the available options or at the least, to Konami ID.

Why linking to Konami ID is essential?

Linking to Konami ID has its own advantages compared to linking with Google’s Play Account or Apple’s Game Center. The main advantage is the ability to transfer PES Mobile account data from  Android to iOS or vice-versa. Also, there are other advantages like, access to eFootball Points Program, eFootball-Open League etc. which is only possible if your PES Mobile account is linked with Konami ID.

Linking to Konami ID can get you 250 myClub coins

Now some of you must be asking, how to link my eFootball PES 2021 Mobile account with Konami ID.

Link Data in PES Mobile

How to link PES Mobile account to Konami ID?

To link your PES Mobile account data to Konami ID, navigate as follows after you open PES mobile.
> >

Here is a video tutorial made by PLM that explains how to link your mobile data to get 250 myClub coins. Note that this video is made for PES 2020 Mobile, but everything is exactly the same even for PES 2021 Mobile. 

Once you have linked your data, you can see that its linked within PES Mobile screen. Also, you get 250 myClub coins in your inbox.

PES screen after completing data linking

After you have linked your PES Mobile data to Konami ID, you can recover your account anytime by using the data transfer feature within PES Mobile. So, now the question is how do we recover an account when we get a new phone or reinstall PES or so on.

How to link PES Mobile account to Konami ID from Konami ID?

To do data transfer, open PES and in the start screen, tap the menu button at the bottom left corner of your screen. That will get you a menu as shown below:

There, tap on Data transfer and and tap transfer data from Konami ID. You will be redirected to your browser where you need to enter login details and data transfer can be completed.

Here is a video tutorial made by me that explains how to do data transfer. This video is made for PES 2020 Mobile, but everything is exactly the same even for PES 2021 Mobile. 

Before you do data transfer to PES Mobile from Konami ID, ensure that you don’t already have an account logged in to PES Mobile. You can see if there is any, be checking if you see owner ID in PES Mobile start screen.
Also, note that you can data transfer maximum of 10 times every month. The number of times you do data transfer, gets reset on the 1st of every month at 0:00 UTC. Also note that, if you do data transfer from iPhone to Android or vice-versa, any myClub coins you purchase from shop can’t be used in the other platform.

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