Efootball Pes Mobile News - Pes Mobile tricks, Tips - November 29, 2021

Everything you need to know about v5.6.0 PES 2021 Mobile Update

This week, Konami has announced an update coming to PES 2021 Mobile Users to keep the game alive until the release of postponed eFootball 2022 Mobile.

I had already predicted this update in the previous article.

Users were getting bored of almost dead PES 2021 Mobile because of repeated old Iconic Moment Box draws and same Matchdays, again and again, every week.

Konami needed to freshen things up, and hence they are updating the game to v5.6.0.

Here’s a roundup of everything that’s coming in this eFootball Pes 21 Mobile v5.6.0 update –

1. Release Date

Konami hasn’t revealed the exact release date of this update, but they have said that it’s going to get released somewhere around Mid-December. That being said, I think the release date of eFootball Pes 21 Mobile is going to be 16th December because every new update is released on Thursdays. And this date fits on Mid-December.                                                                                                                                  1rNkCFs6

2. Update to the available teams 

In this update, available teams in the game are going to get updated to reflect the new 21/22 Season.

Relegated teams are going to get removed or moved from the Higher to Lower league and Promoted teams are going to get added or moved from Lower to Higher League.

We may also see the removal of some teams whose licenses have expired with Konami as the new season has started.

Some team’s names, strips and emblems are also going to get changed for the new season.


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3. Update to the players’ stats and club information

A New 21/22 Season database update is also going to be added in this update. This means the all-new player transfer database is going to be updated. Ex. Jack Grealish’s club is going to get changed from Aston RB (Aston Villa) to Manchester B (Manchester City). Also, there will be stats updates of the player to reflect the new season. There will be Black Ball, Gold Ball upgrades etc. that is usually done after the start of the new season.


4. Updates to some screens

The general UI of the game is also going to get updated. Like the old Menu, UI images is going to be removed in place of the new Season’s Menu UI images to freshen things up for the new season.


5. Live Updates

The live Update feature is going to get started after this update. For those who don’t know about this (but why?), it means the form (A, B, C, D, E) of Players are going to get Updated on a weekly basis to reflect their current form in the real world.


6. Players of the Week (POTW) Agents

Players of the Week agents are going to have a comeback after this update. These packs are going to get released on a weekly basis as they were usually released during previous seasons.


7. New Iconic Moment and Legend cards?

Konami usually adds new Iconic Moment and Legend cards in every Datapack update, so maybe we get also get them in this update too. Fingers crossed!


That’s it! That’s everything you need to know about this eFootball Pes 21 Mobile v5.6.0 update.

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