Pes Mobile tricks, Tips - November 3, 2021

All New Changes coming to eFootball 22 mobile

eFootball 22 has been launched for Console users, and now it’s time for the Mobile Users!

Many reliable news sources as well as Konami’s official notices have hinted towards the release date of 11th November 2021 for the Mobile Users.

So, before Konami excites us users with this update, take a look at some of the things we know so far –

1. New Gaming Engine

The biggest new change coming to eFootball 22 family is the whole new gaming engine – Unreal Engine 4. Konami is going to use the same engine for console as well as mobile versions!

Konami says “the new engine is designed to focus on one-on-one battles for control of the ball”.

This addition of new engine would greatly improve the gameplay of eFootball.

Unreal Engine 4

2. Crossplay

One of the biggest benefits of using new engine is Crossplay. Since Konami is using the same engine for both console and mobile, users of console and mobile version can play with each other in online matches! This would improve the no. of opponents in online matches which could possibly decrease No opponent found message during matchmaking.

efootball cross platform

3. Controller Support

Another benefit of having new engine is the introduction of Controller Support for Mobile Users! Yes, you can now use controller paired with your mobile device to play eFootball 22 Mobile.

But this feature is not going to be available right after the launch. A future update will add controller support for mobile, so you have to wait a little bit for this feature to come.

Pes Mobile Controller

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4. Player name on Jersey’s Back

This was a long-awaited thing that we users wanted to come. In eFootball’s Gameplay Trailer video, we can see that Players now have their names written on their back. A nice addition to improve realism!

Player’s name

5. New Player Types

Long live Iconic Moment Players!

Konami has introduced 4 Player Types in eFootball – Standard, Trending, Featured and Legendary.

Standard playeris the same as base card.

Featured player is the same.

Trending player is the new player type. Konami describes them as –

Trending players have their stats based on a high-level performance they had during a given time period. This means they are ready to be used at their peak performance from the moment you sign them. The caveat, however, is that they can’t be trained further, which means you won’t be able to customize them.

Legendary player includes the Legend and Iconic Moment players from previous seasons. Konami have just merged them and made a new card type.

Here’s a chart to better understand the types –

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6. New Match Types

There will be 4 types of Matches – Tour Event, Challenge Event, Online Quick Match and Online Match Lobby.

Friend Match feature has been replaced by Online Match Lobby.

Refer to this chart to better understand the types –

7. New Player Development System

Konami is going to introduce new player development system in eFootball. It’s like using Position Booster and New Skill token but it will be more advanced. We would be able to boost stats of the players to better customize them according to our needs – How and what we want from them.

Konami has listed Stat Boost & New Skills token as the ways to customize players, but more ways to customize players will be added over time.

But remember, Trending players can’t be customized, rest player types can be customized.

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