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      Welcome to PLM family. We are looking to build a good and trusted PES Mobile community. This website has been made for every PES Mobile player. All PES Mobile related tricks, tips, skill tutorial will be posted here. Latest PES Mobile patches will be update in every week. You can download them easily. Everything is free. We just want your positive support. That’s enough to keep us motivated. We have a YouTube family. You can visit from here. Currently QT Patch and Platinum patch are our partners. We have recently launched our app, from where you can browse patch and all other tricks, tutorial easily. Direct download option is available there. We will add more features into the app soon. Thanks for being a member of this family.
                                                                                                                                            — JOY (Author)
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  1. JOY From PLM (author)
  • Youtuber, Blogger, Web developer.

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  2. QING TIAN From QT PES (Partner)
  • Patch maker, Youtuber.

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  3. GARGEYA From PLATINUM PATCH (partner)
  • Patch maker, Youtuber.

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  4. HOLMESTHEGAMER  (partner)
  • Youtuber, Blog writter, Owner of  PMIC Telegram Group.
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              If you are passionate with this game and want to join with us, you can leave a message here. We will be happy to see you.