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eFootball Pes 21 Mobile Release date, Pre open date all details

 When eFootball Pes 21 Mobile will launch? How pre open works?

    As Konami said previously, Pes 21 Mobile will be release in late October, they kept their promise. Finally eFootball Pes 21 will is coming to Mobile device(android/ios). Recently Konami announced about a long maintenance for Pes 21 Mobile update along with pre open notice. In this article I have shared everything clearly.

1. When will maintenance begin for Pes 21 Mobile update?

Konami will soon be conducting large-scale maintenance in order to update the game to eFootball PES 2021.
See below for further details.

Maintenance Period:

12/10/2020 00:00 - 15/10/2020 06:00 (UTC)

*Maintenance may be extended further if necessary.
*The pre-open period may begin ahead of schedule if maintenance concludes early.                 

How will Large-Scale Maintenance Impact my Game?

You will still be able to launch the game during large-scale maintenance, but you will not be able to proceed beyond the title window.

Pes 21 Mobile Online Service Start time

As Konami said, online service for PES 2021 is currently scheduled to begin at 06:00 on 15/10/2020 (UTC). Means, from 15th of October Pes 21 Mobile server will be started for first time as pre open. 

Pes 21 Mobile Pre-Open Period

Please note that PES 2021 will feature a pre-open period, which will run from the time update maintenance finishes until 06:00 on 22/10/2020 (UTC).

What you can do in Pre-Open period in Pes 21 Mobile? 

During the pre-open period, you'll be able to play PES 2021 using all the latest team data.
Any changes you make to your squad during this time will carry over to the game once online service starts.
Use the link below to go to the official website and check which teams, players and managers will be available during the pre-open period.

During the pre-open period, emergency maintenance may be conducted without prior notice at any time.
Additionally, the following game features will not be available during this period:

・ Player additions and Condition updates from Live Updates
・ Special Agents (Including those for Featured Players)
・ Box Draws

*These features will be available for use after the pre-open period concludes at 06:00 on 22/10/2020 (UTC).
*You will still be able to use all other game features during this time.


The latest version of the app (Ver. 5.0.0) is scheduled to be released during the maintenance period.
You will not be able to play the current version (Ver. 4.6.2) after maintenance is complete.
You will be able to download the latest version of the game (Ver. 5.0.0) during maintenance, so we highly recommend it.

*You will be unable to play VS User or VS COM matches from around 15 minutes before maintenance begins. You will also be unable to play event matches.
*If you are playing a VS User match when maintenance begins, that match will be rendered void and will not count towards your stats.
*If you are playing a VS COM match when maintenance begins, you will be unable to resume playing that match after maintenance ends.

We understand that extended periods of maintenance can be extremely frustrating, but we promise you that it will be well worth the wait once you experience all the amazing new content coming in the latest update.