Installation Guide of Pes 21 Mobile Patch

Pro Evolution Soccer is a football simulation game by Konami. It's available in all major platforms like ps4, xbox, pc, android, ios. Koanmi lauched Pes for mobile devices from 2017 with new innovation. Before in 2012 Konami made Pes for mobile devices but those were not that great. Konami improves Pes day by day and now even for mobile users. Pes 20 Mobile android/ios is a complete package. Now EA sports is being lag in their popular Fifa game. Konami also bought 3 new license of clubs. They are Juventus, Manchester United, and Bayern Munchen adding with their previous premium partner Barcelona. Also Konami is adding new Legends every week to their game. 

      Now, one of the most interesting thing of this game is Patch. Patch is nothing but a edited game file. Konami don't have all club'slicense officially. But using patch, you will get all original lecensed. Though patch is made by third party but Konami is involved in it indirectly. But can't do it officially. Coming to ban, the clear answer is Konami never ban account by using patch. In last three years since Pes 17 launched, people are using patch and there are no any issue or any proof of account banning by using patch. Konami wanted to promote their game. If users are happy with patch made by third party, that is not any problem of Konami. 

      Pes patch is being popular day by day. Not only for pc users also for mobile users. Patchmakers around the world designing great patches with original kits, stunning menu graphics and lot more. QT patch is one othe best patch maker among them. Thanks to every patch maker for working with Pes mobile and promoting this beautiful game.



    There are actually two methods to install Pes mobile patch. 1. Obb method 2. Cpk method. Obb patch has some limitations, to know more watch the video below to know differences betweenoobb and cpk patch. Patch is also available for ios. Ios and android cpk file is exactly same. Ios users will get the tutorial under cpk zip file. If you are ios user, comment below.

Step 1 :

Download Pes 20 Mobile latest Patch from here.

Step 2 :

Download Zarchiver app or any other zip extractor app from playstore.

Step 3 :

Open Zarchiver app and go to that folder where you have downloaded the patch. Now tap on it and click extract here. You can extract into any other folder also. Make sure you have 1.50 gb free storage before extracting. After successfully extraction, you will get a new folder. Now you can safely delete that zip file to save your storage. Next open that new forder and you will get a 1.26 gb patch file. Just take it as it is.

Step 4 :

In your internal storage, go to Android/obb/jp.konami.pesam folder. You will see 2 obb files of pes 20 mobile there. First one is around 400 mb and second one is around1. 26 gb file. Delete the 2nd obb file(1.26 gb) or you can backup this file to other folder if want to re use the original one later.

Step 5 :

Now just cut that 1.26 gb patch obb file from that folder you have extracted and paste it into Android/obb/jp.konami.pesam folder. 
      Now just watch the video tutorial below to clear everything. 


Done ! Enjoy !

2. CPK METHOD (No limitations) 

Unfortunately, cpk patch file is not possible to make in Pes 21 Mobile till now. We are hoping to make it in future. 

👆Obb+cpk installation video☝️

1. Download Virtual backup[very important] :

👉 If your device is 64 bit, download from here
👉 If your device is 32 bit, download from here
(If you don't know about your device configuration, start checking with 64 version, if virtual back doesn't show pes option, try with 32 bit version.)
(Ignore, if you are seeing this from the app)

2. Download Mutiple app : here

3. Download zarchiver(if need to extract) : here


👉 NOTE : As Cpk patch is not supported after Pes 21 Mobile update, we don't know how to place obb patch file in ios without. It's possible by applying jailbreak in ios, which is complicated. We will bring tutorial for it soon.